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Instasize Mod is an editing application with many features to help you create beautiful photos or collages as you wish. You can easily add a background that matches the image if it’s not the right size you want to use. Instasize is a dedicated application for editing photos on mobile devices. You can easily stitch together as many photos as you want, add filters, add stickers, and do everything.

You can create the most impressive photo possible Instasize will allow users to edit images according to their creativity. Instasize will definitely be a very suitable choice for many fans who love editing and collage. Instasize is a special tool for photo editing rather than a standard selfie-enabled app. Instasize also brings more than 80 different specially designed photo filters.

What is Instasize MOD?

InstaSize is one of the most popular photo editing applications where you have many editing opportunities. It allows us to save images within the application and makes the formatting of images beginner-friendly. This will definitely make it easier for users to choose a filter that is suitable for their photos. Instasize does contain ads Most of the in-app photo filters have an extremely sharp quality and are suitable for mobile devices.

So you can comfortably post photos on social media sites without fear of being broken, If you regularly use Instagram’s social network, you will certainly realize many of its limitations while posting your photos. Instasize can fix this problem quickly thanks to the great features it offers. The Instasize Mod application will allow users to turn their rectangular photos into square images without losing image detail. After finding the photo they want to edit, users can quickly apply their favourite filters easily. The Lensa mod is best and alternative photo editor app for Android with updated features.

What are the Features of Instasize Mod APK?

The application keeps its features updated with the latest technology to fulfil the users’ needs and provide them complete satisfaction. The features are the following such as.

Free video

Instasize also allows users to edit videos through built-in advanced photo filters and effects.

Insert text into pictures

With InstaSize’s layer options, users can add collages, add layers, or insert text to images easily.

Display interface

Users will easily see that its interface always ensures 3 criteria fast, powerful, and easy to use.

Stunning backgrounds and designs

There are backgrounds with cool designs, pretty patterns, gorgeous nature scenes, and more.

Easy formatting

It is easy to format photos for social media. The app automatically crops your photo into the perfect size

Create a collage

That turns your favourite photos into awesome collages.

Use premium version

InstaSize also provides a premium version to help users experience more advanced


Enjoy the ultimate experience of taking your editing skills to the next level and unleash your creativity with the help of the Instasize Mod APK latest version enjoy creating stunning collages with your favourite photos in just a few clicks and edit your images using advanced tools.