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Welcome to the best Fouad WhatsApp v9.99, a powerful WhatsApp mod developed by Fouad Mods. WhatsApp offers a plethora of unique features and enhancements that elevate your messaging experience to a divine level. This modified version of WhatsApp introduces advanced immunity, kill buttons, chat effects, privacy fixes, and much more.

Its feature-rich modified version of WhatsApp crafted by Fouad Mods, is designed to provide users with an elevated messaging platform. With an array of innovative features, enhanced immunity, crash protection, and translation correction, Fou WhatsApp ensures seamless and secure communication. Additionally, it offers users the convenience of message scheduling,

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

It is a third-party developed application that gives you a unique and latest way of messaging, in this WhatsApp mod you have complete control of your WhatsApp, so you have a great choice if you want to use a modified WhatsApp just download Foua WhatsApp latest version for Android.

If u are bored with the usual WhatsApp then try Fouad WhatsApp. The best WhatsApp has many amazing features and this mod is best known for its features. You will not find its features in official WhatsApp. So, hurry up and download the mod now from here. Don’t forget to share this mod with your friends and family and let them know the cool features of this app. You can share unlimited high-quality content, change the background and edit them.

What are the Features of Fouad WhatsApp 2024 APK?

The Fou WhatsApp APK distinguishes itself from other moded WhatsApp apps by allowing all the latest added features. It is popular for its flexibility of unlimited customization and many more advanced features. Fundamentally, it was modified from the official WhatsApp. Now, this WhatsApp application provides a variety of features such as the following.

Download Themes

Customize your WhatsApp with downloaded themes, and enjoy your favourite theme.

DND Mode

Activate the Do Not Disturb mode to avoid message notifications when not in the mood for chatting.

Message Scheduling

Schedule messages to be sent to your contacts at specific times and this feature is not available in standard WhatsApp.


Explore numerous features for app customization, creating a personalized and stylish app.

Message Without Saving a Number

Send messages to unsaved numbers without any hassle.

New Base Added

Enjoy the benefits of a new base that enhances the overall functionality of Fouad WA.

Enhanced Immunity

Fouad App provides advanced immunity features to safeguard against threats and crashes.

Kill Button with Photo

Access a kill button with a photo for quick management of chats.

11 Kill Buttons

Utilize 11 kill buttons for efficient chat management.

List Effects and Chats

Enhance your chats with list effects, adding a touch of uniqueness to your conversations.


Fouad WhatsApp Update 2024, developed by Fouad Mods, is a feature-packed WhatsApp mod that elevates your messaging experience to divine heights. It is completely free for Android. With advanced immunity, kill buttons, crash protection, and enhanced chat effects, it is a very safe and secure app. There are unlimited themes and many features so hurry up.